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With Ultherapy®, you can tighten and lift your skin without surgery, ultimately taking away years of aging. The aesthetic specialists at Trinity Medical Spa in Roseville, California, offer personalized Ultherapy packages so you can start looking as young as you feel. Book your Ultherapy consultation by clicking the online scheduling feature. You can also call the office directly to speak with a team member.

Ultherapy Q & A

How does Ultherapy work?

Your skin contains layers of collagen proteins that are perfectly aligned to keep your skin tight and supple. As you age, collagen starts breaking down and your body has a harder time creating new collagen. Ultherapy® works to correct those issues.

During Ultherapy sessions, the system delivers micro focused ultrasound energy to stimulate a thermal effect deep under the surface of your skin. This triggers cells to jump into action and start producing fresh, new collagen right away. Over time, those new collagen fibers make their way to the surface and old, damaged skin cells shed away.


What can Ultherapy treat?

The revolutionary technology behind Ultherapy, an FDA-cleared treatment, resolves a wide variety of skin imperfections. You should consider Ultherapy if you want to:

  • Firm your décolletage
  • Lift and tighten your face
  • Define your chin and jawline
  • Smooth out lines and wrinkles on your face and neck

You may opt for Ultherapy as an alternative to a face-lift if you’re just not ready for an invasive surgical procedure. Or, if you’ve had a face-lift, Ultherapy sessions can help your smoother, younger-looking skin last even longer.

Whether you already have loose skin or just want to prevent the effects of aging as much as possible, Ultherapy treatments at Trinity Medical Spa can benefit you.

When will I have results with Ultherapy?

When you come to Trinity Medical Spa for your Ultherapy consultation, your dedicated aesthetic specialist designs your personalized treatment package, so you know exactly what to expect. In most cases, men and women experience a dramatic toning and lifting benefit as quickly as 4-6 weeks after a single treatment. You’ll continue noticing a gradual improvement in your skin’s tone, tightness, and texture for about 12 weeks.

Generally, you only need one 30-90 minute Ultherapy session to achieve optimal results. Because you’re going to continue to age, the aesthetic team at Trinity Medical Spa often recommends coming in about once or twice a year for maintenance Ultherapy sessions.

Schedule your Ultherapy consultation at Trinity Medical Spa today. Request your visit online or over the phone.

Individual results may vary.