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With Silhouette Soft® thread lifting, you can lift your face and reverse the signs of aging without the need for an invasive surgical procedure. At Trinity Medical Spa in Roseville, California, Mark King, MD, is the only practitioner in a 75-mile radius who’s certified to perform Silhouette Soft thread lifting. Because of his extensive training in this high-end procedure, you can feel confident that your anti-aging treatment is going to be safe and effective. Find out if Silhouette Soft thread lifting is right for you by booking a consultation online or over the phone.

Silhouette Q & A

How does Silhouette Soft work?

Silhouette Soft® thread lifting involves implanting small threads into targeted areas of your face. The double action effect of Silhouette Soft combines two major benefits.

First, Silhouette Soft threads reposition and lift your face, which takes years off almost immediately. Second, the Silhouette Soft poly L-lactic acid (PLLA) components stimulate collagen regeneration.

Once Silhouette sutures are in place, your body thinks that your skin was injured and quickly starts a cascade of healing events, just like when you have a wound. Your body’s reaction to the PLLA threads is to send blood to the area and build new connective tissue and collagen around the threads.

Over time, your skin lifts, firms, and tightens naturally as all those new tissues start forming. You can experience many of the benefits a traditional face-lift has to offer without needing to go under the knife.

What happens during a Silhouette Soft treatment?

During your Silhouette Soft treatment at Trinity Medical Spa, Dr. King thoroughly numbs your targeted area with a local anesthetic. He carefully makes marks at the precise incision points along your face so he can perfectly implant your Silhouette Soft threads.

After gently creating a small hole with a sterile needle, Dr. King carefully inserts the Silhouette Soft suture and positions it to achieve optimal anti-aging benefits. Once your suture is in place, he extracts the needle and moves on to the next point. Dr. King continues inserting and placing sutures along your specific treatment area until your skin is repositioned.

Once your Silhouette Soft treatment is complete, Dr. King has you sit up to ensure your face is symmetrical. He can make any necessary adjustments after that point. The final step involves trimming the sutures and cleaning your treatment area. You can go home right afterward.

When will I have results after Silhouette Soft?

It’s important to take it easy for at least a couple days after your Silhouette Soft treatment at Trinity Medical Spa. Dr. King typically suggests applying ice packs for short periods throughout the day to minimize swelling.

Your wounds should be healed and you may start noticing an improvement as quickly as 10-14 days after your Silhouette Soft treatment. Full recovery and optimal benefits can surface within 4-6 weeks of your procedure.

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Individual results may vary.